Asset Protection

What is Asset Protection? Asset protection is a legal safeguarding process where an individual or business structures its hard earned assets – such as property, cash, businesses, and investments – in a way that makes it more complicated for creditors and litigants from collecting on those assets. If you have been fortunate enough to accumulate assets, you are a perfect candidate for asset protection.

In the United States, there are millions of lawyers, armed with a license to file a lawsuit in an instant against any deep-pocket defendant. Not to mention that it is very common for judges and/or juries to base their decisions on pure emotions rather than the facts or law, which can potentially result in a detrimental damage award capable of wiping out a lifetime of hard work and wealth. Lawsuits can present themselves as plaintiff lawsuits, divorce lawsuits, IRS tax actions, business lawsuits, landlord/tenant lawsuits, and loan repayment lawsuits.

An effective asset protection planning can eliminate exposure to personal and/or business legal risk and lawsuits. However, asset protection is not a shield that will make you judgment proof. The goal of asset protection is to make it difficult for potential judgment creditors or litigants from levying on your hard earned assets, thereby strengthening your position in any settlement discussions with future creditors or litigants.

Do not wait until a creditor or litigant problem arises. Call us today to speak with an asset protection attorney. Our legal team is ready to protect your hard earned assets from the reach of creditors and litigants.

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“You have to make sure that your assets and your back is protected before you make any big decisions.”
Adam Rich